Morning Star Charge

Morningstar has been a leading supplier of off-grid solar controllers and inverters since 1993. We serve two markets. Our Professional Series™ serves global industrial applications such as Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Commercial Lighting, Monitoring/Surveillance, Traffic, and Railroad. Our Essential Series™ serves consumer applications including Residential, Rural Electrification, Boating, and RV-Caravan outside the US and Canada.  To see a side-by-side comparison of the Essential Series and Morningstar’s Professional Series, click here.

Over three million Morningstar products have been installed in over 112 countries around the world. For over 24 years, Morningstar has not changed its ownership, management or strategy, helping to build trusted, long term relationships among its employees, customers and suppliers.


Head Office

7th Street Industrial Area Kampala
Oxford Station Building, Room No.8A
P.O Box 22553 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 660 937

Nakasero Branch

Plot 7, Namutebi Arcade
First Floor, Show Room No. 13,
Sinay Bin Amir Street
Next to Capital Shoppers
Tel: +256 414 699 468

Mbarara Branch

Plot 52, Bishop Willis Street
London Archade, Show Room 27
P.O.Box 22553 Kampala.
Tel:+256 414 666 426

Arua Branch

Plot 10, Hospital Road
Musa Ibrahim Building, Show Room 3
Opp. Uzuu Brothers Enterprises
P.O.Box 22553 Kampala.
Tel:+256 434 660 699