Lorentz Borehole Pumps

Small solar powered water pumps are ideal for boreholes, wells, livestock, transfer or irrigation pumping. Larger scale village or communal water supplies are also possible using higher voltage systems, which retain the efficiency advantages, whilst keeping cabling costs to a minimum.

German engineering company, Lorentz Gmbh, has been involved in the solar pumping industry for many years. They have a worldwide reputation for designing and building highly efficient and reliable solar powered water pumps. All Lorentz pumps will run from a suitably sized solar pv array and the smaller pumps will also run from from a battery bank.

The new upgraded Lorentz PS2 pump controllers feature MPPT (maximum power point tracking) as well as status display, dry run protection and low voltage disconnection. The new PS2 Controller upgrades include multiple analogue and digital I/O ports, bluetooth communication as standard (via app) as well as automatic data logging of system performance.

Lorentz pumps feature highly efficient brushless 3 phase motors, which run 'wet' and so there are no rubber motor seals to fail. Extremely robust stainless steel components and experienced design ensures many years of reliable service.

With extremely low running costs, these pumping systems are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance. Lorentz pumping systems come with a two year manufacturers warranty


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