To complete your LORENTZ system we offer a wide range of compatible probes, sensors, solar power connection equipment, racking and PV modules. This enables a single source of tested, ready to integrate components to give you a complete solution.



A range of sensors that connect to the LORENTZ pump controllers to allow measurement of pressures, water levels, water detection and irradiation levels. We also have a range of water meters which can also be connected to the controller for accurate flow measurement. The controller records and can act on the information from the sensors.

Smart Solution components


The SmartSolution components turn the PSk2 system into a hybrid pumping system. The SmartPSUk2 takes a DC and AC feed. It monitors the solar power available (DC) and then will blend in AC all managed automatically by your water demands. The SmartStart device combines with the SmartPSU to provide generator start/stop control and provides logic power to the PSk2 during the night.

PowerPacks for PS2


We offer a range of PowerPacks which provide AC to DC conversion allowing our solar pumps to be powered from the grid or a generator. This can add flexibility in emergency situations or be used to provide 24 hour pumping solutions.

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