Head Office:  7th Street Industrial Area, Oxford Station 8A, P.O Box 22553 Kampala, Uganda, Tel: +256 414 660 937 / Nakasero Branch: Plot 7, Namutebi Arcade, First Floor, Show Room No. 13, Sinay Bin Amir Street, Next to Capital Shoppers, Tel: +256 414 699 468, Mbarara Branch: Plot 52, Bishop Willis Street, London Arcade, Showroom 27, Tel:+256 414 666 426

Adritex Core Products

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    Water Equipements
    Water Equipment is our Technology profession that offers critical support in harvesting, storing and the efficient application of your water supply. Our business strategy is Sustainable Water Management Solutions.
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    Adritex Sprayers
    Adritex Uganda Limited, is a global leader in the sprayers industry, offering a wide range of sprayers in all sizes. We deal in Water, Chemical and Animal spraying equipment to increase your work efficiency.
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    Adritex Solar Panels
    Adritex Uganda Ltd offers quality solutions for solar power needs. As regional Solar Panel distributer, Adritex Uganda Ltd offers an incomparable range of complementary products for all solar requirements combined with expert application advice.

Adritex Core Services

Adritex Uganda Limited is known in helping farmers out of poverty with quick money making machines. In Irrigation, Plumbing, Electrical Works, Water Pumps, Agricultural Machinery and Chemical Sprayers


Adritex Uganda Limited has a team of fully qualified technical experts, we are always ready to attend to all inquiries a far as agricultural Technical advancements are concerned. This is a package wrapped with several sectors where we offer advice. We are experts in Agricultural Analysis and Design.


With Adritex Uganda Limited, You will experience get a chance to be exposed to the newest technology solutions as far as agriculture and its bi-products are concerned. we bring you the latest irrigation systems that suit the need of your enterprise.


At Adritex Uganda we have got a well-equipped and qualified staff that offers innovative solutions in installation, maintenance, repair services and consultancy. Their expertise spans a wide area of operation stretching from drip and sprinkler irrigation system, water pumps, electrical works.


With a group of fully trained Engineers and Agronomists, Adritex is committed to offer consultancy services in the fields of; Irrigation system, Irrigation scheduling, Development of plot plans, Water conservation techniques, Service - repair and maintenance


The Sprinkler Produces larger water droplets that are less susceptible to wind and greatly minimizes misting and airborne evaporation. This competitive advantage assures that the right amount of water goes where it needs to go which saves time, money and equally important.

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Controlling the sprinklers is Adritex's heavy duty timer with simple scroll settings for automatic watering any days of the week and up to two times per day for specific needs such as watering of slopes where two short cycles will allow the water to soak in better.

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Adritex Uganda Ltd has extensive experience of installing commercial and domestic borehole pumps for both Deep and Shallow wells. Every system installed is tailor made and installed to the unique requirements of the client.


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Our pumps for irrigation applications include drawing water from deep wells and reservoirs to powering irrigation pipelines to controlling and monitoring the flow of water through irrigation systems. At Adritex, we provide different irrigation pumps to a wide array of industries.

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At Adritex We believe in supplying Excellent services individually tailored to each client.